Meetup workshop March 27, 2020

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Learn how to use the Magical Meetup Strategy from my guest presenter, Master Coach, Cornelia Ward. 

You’ll learn how to bring in a steady flow of potential business clients through speaking. The fastest way to build your business, attract more clients and help more people is through speaking.

Cornelia will teach you how to host Meetup gathering to generate income and leverage the power of Meetup’s data base. More than 24 million people are members of Meetup worldwide and receive regular emails based on their areas of interest.

Using the Magical Meetup strategy, Cornelia enrolled 90% of workshop attendees and made $9,000 at her first talk.

She will show that you don't need a website, mailing list, or social media following - and can be just getting started in business - to implement the strategy and have it work for you, too.

It’s inexpensive marketing and it’s great for the entrepreneur who’s just starting out or the business owner with years of experience.

Meetup consists of communities of people who gather regularly in person to connect about a specific area of interest or goal. The Meetup strategy allows you to create and organize groups on the topic that your business targets. When you join Meetup, you are called an “organizer” and will host your own groups and meetings.

In the Meetup event on March 27th, you will be afforded the opportunity to learn quickly about how to use Meetup to build your business more effectively and efficiently.  

You can do the “heavy lifting” on your own or get accelerated learning and get moving fast!

Meetup as a marketing and business building strategy will give you an opportunity to build relationships quickly, be of more service to your clients and can augment and support the work you are already doing. 

As a complement to Cornelia’s strategy, I will be teaching you how to nurture the relationships that you build. It isn’t enough to have people interested in your offering, you need to know how to deepen those connections. I compare it to gardening. You prepare the soil, fertilize it and plant your seeds or seedlings. In order to harvest a crop or enjoy beautiful flowers, you must tend your garden. Your plants need water, the right blend of sun and shade, removal of weeds that might choke the life out of them.

With the Magical Meetup Strategy and the Relationship Nurture Formula (RNF), you’ll walk away with a marketing map and approach like no other.

This Is A FREE Event, Please Register To Reserve Your Seat

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